Hilton Head Island Pickleball Club

Charter & Bylaws

 Hilton Head Island Pickleball Club Charter and Bylaws

Established on Feb. 22, 2019, in accord with Article VI


Article I, Name: Hilton Head Island Pickleball Club (HHIPBC)

Article II, Mission: In conjunction with the Town of Hilton Head Island, the Hilton Head Island Recreation Association and People for Parks, promote and provide high-quality facilities for public pickleball, enabling healthy exercise, friendly competition and social interaction.

Article III, Membership

Membership is open to people who pay the annual membership fee established by the club.

A member is entitled to play pickleball at all Island Recreation Center courts. (Note: Non-members have the option to pay a daily fee, established by the club, to play on the courts.)

A membership may be revoked by a majority vote of the board for actions it considers detrimental to club standards of conduct. Previous to the board taking such action, a club officer shall warn the individual in question in writing of the reasons for the action. In a revocation case, the club will refund a pro-rata portion of the individual’s membership fee.

Article IV, Organization of the Club

A. Overview

Management of the HHIPBC shall be vested in its membership. The membership shall elect, from its ranks, individuals to serve as directors of the club. These individuals will collectively serve as the club board of directors, and shall act on behalf of the membership and in accord with Article II.

B. The board and elections

The board in existence at the time of ratification of this Charter and Bylaws shall choose, by consensus, its officers and the terms of office for each board member, including the individuals serving as officers. In doing so, the board shall set the terms of about one third of its members to expire at the end of January 2020 and about one third to expire in January 2021.

Thenceforth, board members shall be elected annually by the club membership for two-year terms. The board may, as it wishes, conduct special elections to fill vacancies in unexpired terms.

The board shall act as the nominating committee. As such, it may nominate and endorse individuals as candidates. In addition, members may nominate themselves and/or other members. Nominations shall be made known to the board officers by January 12 of each year. Any board member may seek re-election.

The number of board members may be as many as eleven and as few as seven. The number, including the number of seats to be filled by election, shall be set by January 15 of each year by the incumbent board, and that board shall then inform club members of the list of candidates and number of seats to be filled.

Membership voting to elect board directors shall be by email or signed paper ballot delivered to the club treasurer by the end of January. Each member is entitled to one vote per impending board vacancy. For example, in a year with four vacancies a member may vote for four candidates (or fewer). Candidates receiving the most votes shall fill the number of vacancies.

The Island Recreation Center’s liaison for pickleball (or equivalent title) is ex-officio a board member for all purposes except that she or he is appointed by (and may be replaced by) the recreation center director.

C. The club officers

Members of the board shall, by consensus, choose the club officers annually from among board members.

There shall be a board chair, a president and a treasurer. By unanimous vote at a board meeting, the directors may create, fill and eliminate additional officer positions.

The board chair and the president shall act as co-leaders, each empowered to act on the club’s behalf. In general, the board chair shall act in an oversight role and the president shall be chief operating officer.

The treasurer shall maintain accounts of all club revenue, expenditures and assets, and make summaries of these accounts available to any member on request. The treasurer shall coordinate cash flows with the Island Recreation Center and with People for Parks. The treasurer shall also, using club money, acquire and maintain Errors & Omissions insurance for board members.

Club officers may take on duties in addition to those specified in this Charter and Bylaws.

By unanimous vote, except for the person in question, the board may cause the removal of any officer or other director.

Article V, Meetings

The board shall meet from time to time at the request of the chair and/or the president. A board quorum shall be at least 60% of the directors (including officers). Directors may declare themselves in attendance via remote device. Lack of a quorum shall cause a board meeting to be rescheduled.

The club president shall preside at all board meetings. In the president’s absence the chair shall preside, and if both are absent the treasurer shall preside. If all three are absent the meeting shall be postponed and rescheduled.

The board shall schedule a general membership meeting annually, preferably in November, and circulate an agenda to members by a week before the meeting date. Members may bring up other topics as well during the meeting.

The chair, the president or any three or more directors may call a special meeting of the membership by giving at least a week’s notice to the membership and specifying the topic. A special meeting may not alter any provision of this Charter and Bylaws.

Article VI, Ratification: This Charter and Bylaws shall go into effect upon unanimous approval of the board as currently constituted.

Article VII, Amendments

A. Proposals: Any HHIPBC member may propose a change or addition to this Charter and Bylaws by presenting it in writing to the board chair or president for board consideration. The board may suggest a change in the wording and the member may accept or decline.

B. Votes: Unless the board votes unanimously to reject the proposed change, it shall be presented for a membership vote. The vote shall be conducted by the treasurer in a manner similar to the voting described in Article IV, Section B. A change approved by two-thirds or more of the club membership shall then become effective.